Coulee Challenge 1200K Aug 15-18, 2022

Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA

If you participated in the 2022 Coulee Challenge 1200k, chances are you saw Deb Ford out on the course behind her camera. Deb has now shared her beautiful photos with us, along with this note: 

Dear Coulee Challenge 1200k Riders, 

Thank you so much for letting me chase you around the Driftless region with the camera. My intent was to document the course and the occasional moments of your journey through it. 

I can only be in one place at a time and I ended up intersecting with some of you much more than others. You are where you are, the background is what it is, the sun is where it is (or isn't)...and that’s what we have to work with. Often it all comes together nicely. 

The photo collection is here: 

Some notes about organization: 

  • There is a gallery for each day of the event (and a few pre-ride photos).
  • To search for yourself or another rider, you'll have the best results if you enter the rider number and last name ('36 Mangin', for example). [If I have photographed you in multiple events, entering your last name will return all photos of you.]
  • I hope it is self-explanatory that you are free to download any of these photos.
  • If you share photos on social media, a shout-out to the photographer is always welcome. Instagram: @deborahfordphotography; FB: Deb Ford

From start to finish, it was profoundly humbling to witness your individual journeys through this terrific course. However your story unfolded, I will always be inspired by your spirit and the courage it took just to roll up to the start line in Apple Valley. 

Enjoy the photos and I hope our paths will cross again. 

Warm regards,

Deb Ford

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