About the Coulee Challenge Sponsoring Randonneurs

Minnesota Randonneurs has offered brevets since the early 1990s, originally based in Rochester, 90 minutes south of the Twin Cities. In 2008 we formalized a relationship with the Twin Cities Bicycling Club and started developing brevets in the Twin Cities area. This has grown our membership exponentially over the years and we now offer events and permanent routes throughout the state of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa. A few years ago we helped to start the randonneur group in South Dakota that became an independent group in 2016.

Rob Welsh has been the Minnesota Randonneurs Regional Brevet Administrator since 2009.

Minnesota Randonneurs typically offers 25-35 events a year, from April to October, as well as a winter riding program. This includes two full Super Randonneur series, an R12, and a variety of shorter urban rides and gravel populaires. We also do some special interest events such as our Fargo populaire that visits several movie locations from the iconic movie, our popular City Slickers 200k brevet that circles the Twin Cities Metroplex on city streets, paved trails and rural roads, and a Northwoods Ramble 1000k.

The 2018 the Coulee Challenge was Minnesota Randonneurs first 1200k event. It was so successful that we're running it again in 2022!  

We believe the road and trail infrastructure in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin are ideal for randonneuring events in both rural and urban settings.

Other Support and Credits

Greg Smith and The Driftless Randonneurs located in SW Wisconsin for initiating the 2018 Coulee Challenge. 

Webmaster: Ahi Bennuri

Photos: Dawn Piech, Greg Smith, Rob Welsh