Pre Ride Activities

With a Monday morning start, riders are encouraged to come to Minneapolis/St Paul for the weekend to get prepared, enjoy some relaxation time in a very comfortable city and sample one of the best urban bicycling infrastructures in North America.

On Saturday, there are two easy ride options to choose from. Leaving around 1p is a 100k Populaire tour of the Twin Cities cycling infrastructure. This will be an easy spin on bike trails and lanes, visiting several notable metro highlights and enjoying one of the best cycling environments in the US. The ride will stop around mile 50 at a very nice restaurant on a bike trail and the food and beverages are excellent. A shorter version of this ride will leave the host hotel around 4p and will arrive at the same restaurant about 5p. Pace is easy, about 25 miles total. You can also choose to rest up and drive directly to the restaurant to join the rest of the group. Participants are responsible for their meal and refreshments.

On Sunday afternoon two seminars are planned, both relating to PBP topics. The first seminar is a presentation on the History of PBP. We put this together for PBP 2015 for a large group of rando and non-rando people and it was very popular. There will also be some PBP historical ambience items and pictures available in the room to admire and view.

The second session is a panel discussion about preparing for and riding PBP in 2019. This will be valuable for first time PBP riders and experienced PBP anciennes as there are some changes from past PBPs, especially for North American riders, that you will want to know about. Questions for the panelists are welcomed.

On Sunday evening all riders and support people are invited to convene for the pre-ride buffet dinner with some general introductions, a brief ride overview and refreshments.

In addition to these pre-ride activities over the weekend, see the On-Site Services menu item for more information on other things to do near the AmericInn host hotel (e.g. theaters, book stores, restaurants, coffee shops) or connect with one of our ride organizers ( for more information on other activities in the Twin Cities area, for example, the Mall of America, Minnesota Zoo, downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul, the famous Midtown Greenway bike path through Minneapolis, live theatre, music, etc.