This is a challenging event, riders need to have completed a Super Randonneur series (200, 300, 400, 600k) in 2022 by August 1, and are encouraged to put in some extra hill work to help you enjoy the coulee experience.

Other long distance riding credentials or randonneur experience may be used to qualify, at the discretion of the Qualifications Coordinator.

With safety of riders and volunteers our top concern. All riders and volunteers are required to be vaccinated to participate in the Coulee Challenge. Proof of COVID-19 up-to-date vaccinations and boosters must be submitted between May 1 and August 1, 2022. More details on this process will be released well before these dates.

All Coulee Challenge confirmed riders and volunteers also agree to follow any current government requirement regarding Covid-19, will exercise good judgement when entering stores, hotels, etc., and will not participate if they are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of illness, Covid or otherwise.

For more clarification on your qualifications and to submit your qualification results, send an email to:


Local Training Opportunities for the Coulee Challenge

To help you get ready for the Coulee ride if you live in the Upper Midwest, Minnesota Randonneurs will be offering two Super Randonneur series before the Coulee ride and some specific coulee training brevets that pass through some Minnesota and Wisconsin coulee areas. See www.MnRando.org for details and to register online.

If you aren’t that close to the Upper Midwest, we suggest a good hilly Super Randonneur series to qualify and some additional hill training, particularly climbs of up to 500’ with grades from 5% - 15%. There are about 30 of these on the course. The Coulee ride has a different feel than the long climbs in the Appalachians, Rockies or Coastal mountains. The good news is there are also about 30 descents, some of them winding through thick forests into beautiful coulees. In between are the usual rollers and some relatively flat sections, particularly near the beginning and end of the ride.  PBP will be a more comfortable ride after completing your Coulee Challenge.

New - Optional Training Programs

Do you want to be in top shape for the Coulee?  Do the Driftless hills have you concerned?  We are happy to announce that Greg Grandgeorge, a USA Cycling certified coach who specializes in ultra cycling/ultra endurance events is offering a training program tailored for the Coulee Challenge that will have you in peak cycling condition, ready for the challenge of our great 1200k event. 

The Coulee Challenge training program begins in March and takes riders up to the Coulee start in mid August.  The program emphasizes endurance, stamina and power cycling sessions along with general strength workouts each week to improve your overall cycling condition and in particular help with the hillier terrain in the Driftless region.  Riders can incorporate their Super Randonneur series (200-600k) events and other rando rides into the program for some of the endurance workouts.  Your calendar of weekly sessions, current progress with charts and scores are provided through the Training Peaks online application. 

Greg is also offering a basic 8 week fitness program which you can do at any point but if you start now it will lead directly into the Coulee Challenge program. 

January 1 or later     8 weeks  $80    Basic Training Plan

March 1                  24 weeks  $250  Coulee Challenge Plan

View these programs (and many others) at his site at: https://www.tri2max.com/plans

Greg is offering a 15% discount to Coulee Challenge riders for these and any of his other programs through 2/28/2022.  Use this code when making the payment: COULEE22