This is a challenging event, riders need to have completed a Super Randonneur series (200, 300, 400, 600k) in 2018 by July 31 and are encouraged to put in some extra hill work to help you enjoy the coulee experience.

Other long distance riding credentials or randonneur experience may be used to qualify, at the discretion of the Ride Coordinator.

For more clarification on your qualifications and to submit your qualification results, send an email to:


Training Opportunities for the Coulee Challenge

To help you get ready for the Coulee ride, Minnesota Randonneurs and Driftless Randonneurs are offering some great training opportunities in coulee country next season.

Driftless Randonneurs, based right in the middle of coulee country in Richland Center, WI, is offering several brevet and populaire events from April through July. Go to DriftlessRandonneurs for details and registration instructions.

Minnesota Randonneurs is offering specific coulee training brevets on June 23rd in Nelson, WI (200k) and July 28-29 (300k, 200k) in Black River Falls, WI. In addition, several longer brevets are offered that ride through some Minnesota coulee areas. See MinnesotaRandonneurs for details and to register online.

If you aren’t that close to the Upper Midwest, we suggest a good hilly Super Randonneur series to qualify and some additional hill training, particularly climbs of up to 500’ with grades from 5% - 15%. There are about 30 of these on the course. The Coulee ride has a different feel than the long climbs in the Appalachians, Rockies or Coastal mountains. The good news is there are also about 30 descents, some of them winding through thick forests into beautiful coulees. In between are the usual rollers and some relatively flat sections, particularly near the end of the ride. PBP will be a more comfortable ride after completing your Coulee Challenge.