Jodi Beinke lives in the Twin Cities and started riding randonneur events in 2017. She completed her first 200k brevet last year with 2 minutes to spare. (Special note: as the Minnesota RBA I was thrilled to see Jodi continue to improve as she worked her way through the brevet series. She finished the Coulee ride in 85 hours and hung around to help check in later riders)

Having the opportunity to be a part of the first Minnesota Coulee Challenge was truly an experience I will look back on and smile about! This was my first big randonneuring event. I'm fairly new to the randonneur rides and hadn't had a lot of experience doing much more than 60 to 100 miles at a time. I love to ride and explore new places and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do just that! I quickly set a plan to begin training for the Coulee Challenge. I asked some of my randonneur friends for some advice and they were more than happy to share their cycling knowledge with me. I started doing longer rides back-to-back and included lots of hill climbing! Soon I was feeling stronger, more confident and really excited to challenge my mind and body like never before. The route was very challenging with many long, winding hills, but we were rewarded with some absolutely incredible downhills! The scenery was beyond spectacular and the support from all the volunteers that helped along the way with meals, snacks and encouragement topped off the experience. It was so much fun to meet and hear stories from so many people from all over the United States and beyond with the same love and passion for cycling. This experience has gotten me even more excited for more randonneur rides in the future! I can't wait to see what the next cycling journey holds!